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Monthly Plans


How does it work? All plans start with a free 1 hour consultation. This is where we discuss, in person, your goals, strength and weaknesses and I will analyse your game from putting right through to driver.

Once we have chosen the best plan for you, we can begin to schedule your sessions. All plans come with on-course tuition so that the technical changes can transfer to the golf course more easily. Depending on the plan you choose, you will receive support on the CoachNow app between lessons, attend golf clinics (summer season), attend group practice sessions (summer season) and enjoy a golf experience day. 

All plans come with a minimum commitment as shown below

Maintenance Plan - 4 month minimal commitment

Progression Plan - 6 month minimum commitment

Mastery Plan - 9 month minimum commitment 

These plans come with a two month roll-over policy. For example, If you are away with work in January and too busy to take your lessons in February, you can roll that time into March. 

To find out more or to book your consultation, click the appropriate link below.

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