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Day 3 at Club De Barcelona

Day 3 based at Club De Barcelona seen the students organising and conducting their own coaching sessions for 100 Spanish school kids. With limited English being spoken from some of the Spanish students, the coaches have a tough challenge ahead of them. The students realised that by designing well lid out games, a simply coach demonstration would be their greatest tool for getting across the purpose of each task. I asked the students ‘what two main skills are needed to be a good putter?’ to which they responded ‘aim and distance control’. This was at the heart of their lesson plans.

As shown in the image above, a simple task of trying to get the ball to stay I the box when putting from several distances. With limited equipment, the students had to try and be creative with what they had. If the player were to hit their putt too hard, they would smash into the balls at the back of the square. This gave them a visual to what they did not want to happen and it also created a lot of laughter. A great distance control drill for beginner golfers.

The second drill was targeting their accuracy with incorporating an actual golf hole. The ‘runway’ type setup was there to focus their efforts to keeping their within the runway. A three hole game gave the student a greater idea of the goal within putting.

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